What is Attraction Marketing?

Photo Credit: Talia Flytographer in Vegas

Photo Credit: Talia Flytographer in Vegas

When I started my first business in 2007, I cringed at the thought of chasing people down.

Becoming an icky sales person was a legit fear and I was willing to do whatever it took to avoid it. Apparently God was looking out for my deepest fears because it was right about the time that social media became a thing and I learned how to use it in my favor.

I found that if I just showed up and posted about my kids and life, while sprinkling a few posts about the lifestyle I had because of my business the leads continued to appear out of thin air.

Well this is easy, I thought. I was using Facebook anyhow, why not leverage it to make money?

Everyone loves analogies, so here are two I like to relate it to:


Religion and Dating.

Look I know & love Jesus, but don’t you dare come knocking on my door at 7am on a Saturday.

Can you come inside? No. No, you can’t.

I’m a nice person, so I’ll let you down easily, but you may not be so lucky with the next guy.

Contemporary churches know that old school strategies don’t work and if they want to get the word out about God, they have to get more creative. They have to learn how to MARKET.

They have to make going to church cool. They have to learn how to attract the masses to them.

They serve coffee. They live stream their Sunday services to millions weekly.

They’ve turned hell, fire and brimstone sermons into motivational talks and mini concerts.

And it’s working.

No one wants to have to chase after romance, so you dress up and put your best face forward.

You’re on the market as they say, therefore you are marketing your real estate. How you market can make all the difference in who you attract. I’m just saying.

When couples get together, they often let themselves go.

Yoga pants & ponytails become a staple and beer bellies are born.

Not exactly marketable because you’re no longer looking for a buyer.

And that’s attraction marketing.


What Does It Look Like On Social Media?

It's all about creating a persona or brand for yourself!

Giving Value. Creating Conversations. Building Relationships. Connecting.

It’s simple, but you have to be intentional.

Every post I craft is designed to keep people engaging with me, to keep me top of mind.

It’s designed to make people ask about what I have to offer, reach out for conversation or refer me to their friends.

I turn everyday situations into conversation pieces.

I attract buyers by making my life interesting and sharing who I am with my audience.

They know all about my struggles and wins. They can relate to me. I’m just like them.

And I can tell you from experience that it works no matter what your business may be.

It’s the most brilliant form of marketing there is because you don’t feel like you’re selling when people are begging to buy your products and services.

Attraction Marketing is an art form that if done properly can pay off handsomely.

And you’ll never have to worry about being that icky sales person.


Brooke Rash aka The Social Celebrity is a Best Selling Author, Facebook Marketing Expert, Blogger, Network Marketing Professional and Founder of MillionHairClub.com.

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