How Network Marketing Helped This Bereaved Mother Begin to Heal

When former banker,  Jen’s 16 year old son passed away unexpectedly it rocked her to the core. 

Jen with her son, Nico

Jen with her son, Nico

“I’ll never forget that morning, Jen recalled. Nico stayed home from school that day because he wasn’t feeling well. I was in the middle of a  merger at work and there was no way I could call in, so I told him to contact me if he needed anything. Later that day I got a call that he was being rushed to the hospital and we later found out he was having a stroke that would ultimately take his life.” 

Jen dealt with the guilt. Having to go to work despite that fact that her son needed her weighed heavily on her following his death.

And to make matters worse she was forced to take an unpaid leave of absence to grieve his death. 

“He died on a Sunday. We buried him on Wednesday and they expected me back to work on the following Monday. Five Days. I was given five days to grieve the death of my son. I couldn’t believe it.”

Six weeks later she reluctantly went back to work because even though she was still in shock, she had bills to pay. 

“It was awful. I was like a zombie. I wasn’t ready for it. I had to go on autopilot,” Jen described the experience. 

Nico, Shayna, &  Jen 

Nico, Shayna, &  Jen 

Waking up every morning, facing the reality that her son was gone and that she had to go to a soul sucking job made her question if this was all life had to offer. 

She longed to be able to be home with her daughter Shayna. After losing Nico, every moment was precious and she knew that things had to be different this time around.

She stayed for about a year, before she had her final breaking point and decided to leave her job of 23 years. 

“We went down to one income & my husband was bearing brunt of finances. I was in a terrible funk, wondering what am I going to do next with my life? Six month after leaving my job, panic set in about how I was going to earn a living. I was throwing money into health coaching, but it wasn’t producing enough to get by.”

That's when an unlikely opportunity landed right in her lap. 

“My friend Brooke was posting on Facebook about these hair products she was using and her hair looked amazing, so I asked her what she was using. I had lost my curls and was struggling with post partum hair loss. I just wanted to fix my hair, but I started making money right away just by sharing it with a few friends. The banker in me started studying the numbers & looking over the compensation plan and that was when I realized I was sitting on a huge opportunity.” 

As Jen’s team began to sprout, she also began healing because supporting other moms in creating residual income made her feel like she had purpose again.  

“It felt good because we were all working towards a common goal. And on the days I didn’t want to get out of bed, it fueled me to get up because I knew someone on my team needed my help. 

When I was in corporate, I had no life. I had to work and be gone all the time. 

If Shayna was sick I felt bad because I couldn’t call into work. Now I don’t even think about it. If I wake up and she’s not feeling well, I just keep her in bed. I know how quickly things can change and tomorrow is never promised, so being there for my daughter is the most important thing.” 


Not only is Jen helping other bereaved mothers begin to heal and show them how they can be there for their kids without giving up their income, it’s brought her much closer with her lifelong best friend. 

Aliyah is a chiropractor and I was a banker. I never thought we would work together. Now we’re able to spend time with family, take the kids and husbands to the beach and collaborate about business ideas. I never imagined we’d be able to join forces and cheer each other on while working from our smartphones." 


Jen and Aliyah on a team trip to Vegas. Photo Credit: Talia for  Flytographer  Vegas 

Jen and Aliyah on a team trip to Vegas. Photo Credit: Talia for Flytographer Vegas 



When I called Aliyah to get her perspective of their partnership, this is what she had to say...

“She’s pretty much one of the best people Ive met in my entire life. With everything that’s happened to her, she never misses a day of leading people on her team. There are days when I feel like I can’t do a load of laundry and she keeps me going. She’s reaching out to people 5 lines down encouraging and motivating.

There’s actually 3 or 4 women on our team that have lost a child and it’s amazing how everything falls into place , and she’s not only helping them with their businesses, but she’s helping them heal. She feels Nico is always leading her and guiding her through the business. 

I’m sad this business didn’t come before her son passed away, because there were so many times she had to go into work and her kid was sick. And there are so many women struggling with their kids being sick and not being able to leave work.

She’s leading women that are unhappy in their jobs and want something better for themselves and their families and she’s able to do that because she lived through that.” 

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