How Expensive is Monat?

Women spend hundreds of dollars on hair maintenance. 

Cuts. Color. Highlights.

Keratin Treatments.

Blow Outs. 

So why does Monat, a product that will give you salon worthy hair every single day, seem expensive?!

I’ll admit when I first looked on the website, I had sticker shock.

I’d never spent more than $10 on grocery store shampoo and when I spent more on “natural” options they didn’t work. 

When I saw that my first order was going to cost a little over $100, it made me nervous. 

What if I spend money on something that doesn’t work? 

I finally got the courage to submit my order and decided to trust my friend ’s recommendation because she had been raving about how it was transforming her hair. 

She assured me that there was a 30 day money back guarantee if I didn’t like it for any reason. 

So I did it. I placed my first Monat order.

I got the volume system that came with Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and Reshape Root Lifter.

After the first wash it felt like I had someone else’s hair on my head.

It was soft, silky, shiny and didn’t stick to my head. I was hooked. 

I have long hair and my shampoo and conditioner lasted a solid 3-4 months. 

My root lifter lasted about 5. 

The free Blow Out Cream I received with my order lasted even longer, probably 9+ months. 

Most people expect to run through products at the same rate they would with other brands, so of course it seems expensive, but when you realize that these products are high quality with no harsh chemicals & highly concentrated making them last a long time, you understand the value.

Not to mention the fact that they actually work, most people don’t have to wash as frequently & it extends color so you’re not going to the salon as often. 

Market Partner,  Kim Goar  admiring her freshly Monat styled hair. Photo Credit:  Flytographer

Market Partner, Kim Goar admiring her freshly Monat styled hair. Photo Credit: Flytographer

So Here's a Breakdown of my First Order:

My total order as a VIP customer was $111 for 4 products.

That included my one time $20 VIP Membership fee. 

That breaks down to $6.25 per month per product. 

That’s less than a dollar a day to have amazing hair and maintain all of our stylists’ efforts.

It’s worth it in my opinion. 

Besides, having hair you love is priceless. 

P.S. To get the best deals on Monat products join as VIP customer. Not only do you get 15% off the retail price, free shipping and a limited edition free product every month, but you also get access to flash sales that are so good they break the internet. And don't worry, your scheduled shipments are flexible. You can push them out up to 60 days at a time and make changes as needed. You're never forced to order if you don't want to. 

Make sure you reach out to your referring Market Partner when you're ready to order.

Disclaimer: I can't be held responsible for any addiction you may form to Monat's products! 

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